31 views on José Gourmet

31 views on José Gourmet

Since its foundation
José Gourmet has invited illustrators
for its canned food packages.
With very distinct points of view,
calligraphy and very varied techniques.

Creativity and metaphors are guaranteed.
And humor is in good health.
In box-book form with loose leaves,
this publication brings together thirty illustrators and one writer.

It is an art gallery, a small museum of images to frame.

It is an object to be offered with great taste
and to receive with every taste:
reinforcing the emotions in family
and sharing among friends.



André Letria, António Modesto, Bernardo Carvalho, Cláudia Salgueiro, Cristina Valadas, Daniel Lima, Emílio Remelhe, Evelina Oliveira, Fatinha Ramos, Francisco Providência, Gémeo Luís, Iga Nawara, Inês Oliveira, João Abel Mota, João Drumond, João Machado, João Vaz de Carvalho, Madalena Matoso, Marlene Couceiro, Marta Madureira, Ricardo Abreu, Rúben Estrada, Rui Mendonça, Susana Fernando, Teresa Lima, Tiago Galo, Tiago Manuel, Yara Kono and Yuri Corrêa

Emílio Remelhe and Gémeo Luís

30×17,5 cm / box + individual sheets / Munken Pure / 33 sheets, 66 pages