Spirit DOC Lourinhã

Spirit DOC Lourinhã

Think of the two famous French regions, Armagnac and Cognac. Now think of a third, a Portuguese one – Lourinhã. Yes, these are the three demarcated regions of brandy. They are the only ones in the whole world. For this reason, Lourinhã brandy has already been dubbed Lourinhac.

The scenery is Estremadura, in the Demarcated Region of Lourinhã: in the silent and patient waiting of the cellars, the brandy is left to age. It is obtained from wines with low alcohol content, rich in organic acids from Alicante and Seminário grapes. After the chemical-free fermentation, it is distilled in the Demarcated Region and then slowly aged in French and American oak barrels. Of topazine color, with an intense and fruity aroma, and notes of vanilla, coffee and nuts, Lourinhã brandy is a digestive drink of superior quality, which pairs beautifully with coffee or dark chocolate after a meal.

There are times when words should just stop!


Text Eugénio Roda