Aged White Wine Vinegar

Aged White Wine Vinegar

In ancient times, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese surrendered to the consumption of vinegar for the most diversified purposes, such as medicinal, cosmetic and food. In the 18th century, Stahl discovered the element responsible for the acidity of vinegar: acetic acid. It is only with Pasteur that fermentation was finally understood. Vinegar is currently one of the products more widely subject to scientific study.

The quality of production is guaranteed by natural methods that combine the best technology with the best of traditional know-how. Our Aged White Wine Vinegar is obtained from the biological process of acetic fermentation of white wine and subsequent aging in wooden barrels. The amber color, the concentrated body and the clear appearance are the visible hallmarks of a superior quality product. Do you need proof? Let your palate decide!

There are exquisite details that preserve unbelievable modesty!


Text Eugénio Roda